Meet the Team


   Lovingly we refer to her as our alchemist.  Becky is the mastermind behind our oil blends and an expert of natural healing.  Since earning her degree in classical homeopathy in 2011, she has devoted her personal life and professional career to helping others through various healing techniques. This dedicated and down to earth mom is also a yoga instructor and Reiki practitioner.  Her ever expanding knowledge of ancient medicine and the natural arts are invaluable to our group. Becky's well known calming presence and earthy style represent the "roots" of Petals & Roots.



   Although Joe is an experienced banker and our finance expert, he refuses to be all business.  First and foremost he is a dad and loyal family member. His enthusiasm for sports, the outdoors and life in general is contagious.  He has a genuine motivation to be a fit and active parent which makes him an open minded participant for various methods of natural and preventative care.  His faith driven optimism and generous spirit provide the balance we often need in our diverse family. Joe represents the core of Petals & Roots; he lifts us up and holds us together.



   Our head of design and marketing is also a full time mom of three.  When she is not bringing our ideas to life, you will most often find her feeding the rest of our tribe.  Renee has an unrelenting energy for nutrition and self care, which often translates into caring for others.  She finds great joy in sharing her positive experiences with anyone who will receive them. Her willingness to better herself and serve others keeps us all going when we need it.  Renee’s bright demeanor and affinity for floral aromas represent the “petals” of Petals & Roots.