Where do you get your ingredients? 

We source our ingredients from a handful of respected, high-quality oil suppliers who share our mission and passion for the industry. 

Are the oils safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding women?

Some essential oils are not recommended for pregnant and nursing women. We advise you to check in with your health care provider or aromatherapist with any questions or concerns. 

Are the oils safe for children?

Naked Body Oil is great for kids! It leaves their skin silky smooth. Our other body oils are not the safe recommended dilution rate for children. 

I use body lotion- the oil feels strange on my skin. Any tips? 

Our skin becomes addicted to chemical products found in many mainstream body lotions. They trick the skin into thinking they are needed in order to maintain moisture, when often they are acting to cause dryness and perpetuate the cycle. Our body oils work with our natural oil production to retain moisture and a healthy glow. A little oil can go a long way! It may take some getting used to if it is new for you. As once-avid lotion users, we will tell you that we haven't used lotion in years and don't miss it a bit.

What if I don't like the smell? 

The blends we offer were all meticulously crafted until they became their best version. Not all scents are suitable for every person and it is often a matter of personal preference. We offer the roll-on blends and the trial size of some body oils so that you can be sure to love it before you commit to the larger size. An interesting fact: seasons, weather patterns and hormone cycles all affect our preference to smell. So if you don't love it this week, it may be your favorite next week.