The Essentials of Essentials

  Despite the recent buzz and growing popularity of the aromatherapy world, you may still be wondering,

What exactly are essential oils?

We're glad you asked!

  The term "essential" in this context is actually derived from the word "quintessential", translated to mean "the fifth essence".  In short, the term was created to describe the life force of a being or plant.  In the case of essential oils, it is referring to a plant's essence- the naturally occurring compounds that support a healthy plant life.  These incredibly complex compounds serve deliberate purposes in the natural world. They contain elements that attract pollinators, protect the plant from predators and harmful bacteria, as well as produce self healing and regenerating properties.  Pretty awesome to think about! What's even more astounding is that when carefully extracted, these plant components not only retain their unique aromas, but their life-giving compounds are beneficial to human health as well. 

  While the popularity of essential oils is still fairly new in our culture, they have been commonly used throughout centuries around the world for healing and aromatic purposes. In addition to their ancient cultural roots, current studies also demonstrate that without a doubt essential oils can have a host of positive effects on human health.  From supporting digestion to lowering blood pressure, fighting off bacteria and boosting immune systems, reducing anxiety or encouraging healthy circulation- the natural health benefits are seemingly endless.  

  Alright, so they encompass the lovely scents of mother nature and they have incredible health boosting potential...

But how do I use them?

Good question.

    Essential oils are a unique type of oil because they readily evaporate into the air and absorb easily into the skin. Their high potency and ability to penetrate deeply into skin cells, organs and the bloodstream set them distinctly apart from common cooking oils like coconut or olive oil. For use in topical application, essential oils often need to be diluted or blended with other carrier oils because they are highly concentrated. 

  While they are awesome tools available for self care, essential oils are powerful forces that should be chosen and used with care.  If you are interested in making the investment in pure essential oils, learn how to use them appropriately and make quality a priority.

Wow, they are expensive! What if I don't want to purchase them all or learn how to use them?

  No worries! We did it for you.

   Although essential oils are becoming more widely available in pure form, we found that many people don't know where to start in using them, or have reservations about making the pricey investment. 

  Petals & Roots was created for consumers who are interested in a more health based approach to skincare. We understand that even if you are interested in using essential oils, you may not be familiar with the delicate balance needed to create a beautifully fragrant yet beneficial recipe.  Each Petals & Roots product features a carefully crafted blend of high quality, pure essential oils created with a unique health-based purpose. Take a look at our products for a break down of the individual essentials used in our blends. Our hope in offering these products is that our customers receive all of the aromatherapy and skin healing benefits intended for each bottle.  Created with intention, hand blended, infused with love- our promise to you.