Simplify Your Skincare

  What if I were to ask you to count how many products come in contact with your skin in a normal 24 hr period? Be honest, it's not a test. Consider the lotions, soaps, toners, various types of makeup, makeup removers, shaving products, acne treatments, wrinkle removers, face masks, perfumes, etc.  Not including cleaning products or seasonal items like sunscreen, I would be willing to bet your skin still comes in contact with at least a handful of store bought creations every day. And let's just take it a step further. If you break down each of those mixtures by their individual ingredients, that is a whole lot of stuff being absorbed, and ultimately digested into your body every day.  Most of us have a skincare regiment that has become part of our daily lives without much thought.  So, why does it matter? 

  Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that my skin was a mess for a long time. For decades my bathroom was teeming with synthetic creams, washes and cosmetics, all promising to correct or cover up the uneven, acne prone and aging skin that I had become accustomed to (but never comfortable in).  Aside from the fact that I was spending large amounts of my paycheck on daily skincare rituals, the truth is, they just didn't work.  I had "cleansers" and pore reducers to keep my oily face at bay, various moisturizers to combat the dryness of the cleansers, and then several layers of makeup to fake the youthful, even skin tone that I just wasn't getting.  Add on another round of cleansing to remove it all before bed and then one last overnight cream to reduce the damage that had accumulated all day, and that summed up a normal day for my face.

  I have to admit, I could never understand why my older sister had glowing, beautiful skin and was always mistaken as the younger one of the family. I mean...I was trying everything! Although I convinced myself for years that she had the "good skin gene", the fact was that I was doing way more damage to my own skin than I realized.  All of those chemically based expensive concoctions were actually doing more harm than help.  What I needed was to SIMPLIFY. 

  I am almost embarrassed to admit how hard it was to stop the vicious cycle I had created.  My sister had finally convinced me that less was a more healthy approach, but I was truly worried that I would not be able to go out in public without the comfort of my daily routine.  It was basically a detox process for my skin. And the results?....AMAZING!  At 36, 3 kids deep (and pretty tired on most days), I look and feel the best I ever have. My skin is smooth, bright and clear.  I rarely have a breakout and I reserve my makeup for special occasions. 

  The transformation I have experienced with my own skincare regiment through Petals & Roots has been extremely liberating.  If you are currently unsatisfied with the state of your skin, or overwhelmed by the amount of products available to you, then keep reading! I would love to help you break free of an expensive or unhealthy product habit.

Here is our guide to simplifying your daily skincare:

 P&R Steps to Simplify Why It Matters  Suggestions 
1. Ditch the damaging ingredients

View a product ingredient list as if you are about to eat it. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it will absorb what is put on it- nutrients, preservatives, toxins and all.  Just like other organs, skin can form a dependence on a substance too.


If you don't know what an ingredient is, research it!  Determine which ones you do or do not want in your body. Stop using all of the cosmetic formulas that include what you consider to be harmful. If you find that to be difficult at first, cut them out one at a time or cut back on how often you use them. Let your skin breathe and heal!
2. Go for Pure. Less is More. Does a 1oz bottle of face cream really need 20+ ingredients? Even if they are "all natural", how much benefit could you really be getting from each one in those proportions? When examining labels, go for quality, not quantity. Choose body and face products that are pure and simple.  Please examine our labels as an example. Every Petals & Roots blend consists of only high quality oils, and we keep our contents simple so you get the most benefit from each wholesome element.  Not one of our blends has even 10 ingredients, and we never mass produce. 
3. Hydrate

 Water is the simplest and  best form of moisture for your body, internally and externally. Hydration is key to all forms of health. Drink water, rinse with water, and try to keep that water locked in.  

After a shower, try an all over application of Petals & Roots body oil to seal in moisture and serve as your natural daily fragrance. For our faces, we use only warm water morning and night, followed by a stellar Petals & Roots Face Oil to keep the moisture from escaping.  Our line of face oils is uniquely beneficial because they cleanse as they nourish and protect, cutting out the need for a multiple step process. 
4. Never underestimate the power of nutrition. Nutrients are the first line of defense you can give the body.  What you ingest will determine to an extent the condition of your health as a whole, including your skin.  Nature provides some of the most astounding healing and protective properties a body can profit from. Remember that nutrition begins with diet, but don't overlook these precious gifts when it comes to your skincare.   Petals & Roots strives to deliver a natural, health-based approach to skincare.  Each pure essential oil blend was created with care and love, to provide unique qualities our consumers can benefit from.  Our aromatic body and face oils also include a host of vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids and additional nutrients to give you the best of both worlds: an alluring natural fragrance and softer, healthier skin. We believe in the power of a beautiful, healthy you.